HPD Signs

What are Most Required HPD Building Signs According to Law of NYC

The department of housing preservation and development of New York City known as HPD is providing residence to the less privilege people since 1978 and made it compulsory to ensure dwelling complex and apartment with housing management and HPD signs that provide information access to the residents.

Requirements of HPD building signage

The types of HPD signs NYC vary for each dwelling, not every building require the exact same type of signage so the requirement of building and management signs is different from one and other. Although some of the building signs are same for all types of building in the premises. Here is the list or HPD and housing management sign that almost same for every HPD property.

Certificate of Inspection (section of the law: MDL § 329)

The HPD properties must abide the rules approved by the authorities such as a certificate of inspection or any other important documentation related to the building must be placed.

Electrical Panel Area Caution Signage

The electrical area is a highly dangerous area, its crucial to have caution sign checked by the NYC housing department.

Gas Leak Notice Sign

Gas leak notice sign

The dwelling building must hold the gas leak notice sign approved by the NYC building authorities.

Boiler Room Signs (section of the law: MDL § 27-2033

Boiler Room

The boiler sign must be expected in a building that indicates location and contact information about the person who possesses the keys to the boiler room.

 Janitor Sign (section of the law: HMC § 27-2053)

Janitor sign

The janitor signs are essential for an HPD building as per law of NYC housing authorities and the signs must contain the name and address of authorized person that handle it.

Smoke Detectors (section of the law: HMC § 27-2045).

Smoke detectors

The HPD dwelling, it is expected to have smoke detector sign notice to avoid any mishap in the building.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Sign (section of the law: HMC § 27-2046.1).

Carbon monoxide detector sign

As per the regulatory signs and its law, the dwelling must have carbon monoxide detectors sign and notice checked and approved by the building department.

Serial Number Signage (HMC §27-2104)

Serial Number Signage

The dwelling building expected to have signs that consists of the serial number issued by the HPD department with the name and contact number of owner.

Other Housing Management and Regulatory Sign Required by HPD

Floor Number Sign

Floor Number

In multi-complex building, this should be a floor indicator signage that shows the total number of floors and apartment with arrows in the residence and directions of stairs and elevators and navigate the visitors and the residents as well.

Fire Safety Sign/Notice

Fire Safety

This is caution sign that must be owned by residential building in order to avoid any disturbing situation or loss and injury.

Garbage Collector Signs


The utility garbage  signs should be placed near the garbage dustbin for the convenience of residents of the complex building.

Video Surveillance Signs

Video Survillence

The multi-complex dwelling building expected to have surveillance HPD sign within building to ensure warning sign to natives of the surroundings.