What are the Essential Building Management Signs in NYC

Building management signs

Owning property in the NYC area means that there are certain rules and regulations that you must be aware. Whether you are the owner or property management company hired by the owner there will be certain building management signs that will need to be displayed on the properties. In most cases, building management signs are for the safety of all those who live, deliver to, or visit the properties.

If a property fails to have the building management signs in place a warning is sent to the property owner. After the given grace period if the building management signs are still not up to code then punishment usually in the form of monetary payments are applied to the owner of the property.

Below is an example of a few of the essential building management signs.

Smoking signs

  • No Smoking Signs- These signs are essential throughout the building and where oxygen is being used. No smoking signs must be displayed in all common areas of a dwelling. The No smoking sign also prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes. Common areas include hallways, laundry areas, lobby, stairways, and any other areas of the building where tenants meet.

Garbage Collection Signs

  • Garbage Collection Signs- Property owner needs to hand a Garbage Collection Sign in the lobby of the building notifying tenants the schedule and method of garbage collection. This sign must be visible to all tenants who enter the building lobby.

boiler room keys signs

  • Name and location of the person who has the boiler room keys. The signs need to be approved by the HPD. One sign should be hanging in the lobby while the other sign is posted at the entrance to the boiler room.

Floor Signs

  • Floor Signs- These signs need to be posted or painted on the wall on each floor.

Street Number Signs

  • Street Number Signs- Property owner must display the street number on the front of the dwelling. The numbers must be visible from the sidewalk. Property owners must maintain these signs, so they do not show wear and tear.

Janitor or Housekeeper Sign

  • Janitor or Housekeeper Sign- The name, address, and telephone number of the janitor or housekeeper must be posted near the entrance of the building in the lobby.

Smoke Detector Signs

  • Smoke Detector Signs- Notices must be posted in the lobby of the building.

Above are just a few of the essential Building Management Signs when owning property in the NYC area.

For more information on HPD Sign Requirements please visit: NYC Preservation & Housing Development

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